Trentino Gelato’s St. Arnold Spring Bock Sorbet

By Nicholas L. Hall, Tue., Mar. 8 2011 Shortly after sampling St. Arnold Spring Bock,...

09th Mar
Spring Bock Sorbet

Saint Arnold + Trentino Gelato: A Fall Treat for the Warm Weather

By: By Katharine Shilcutt, Wed., Nov. 10 2010 Like it or not,...

24th Nov
A sign of quality...even in gelato!

Houston Press Local Vendor Spotlight – May 2010

For every Houston restaurant still using Sysco biscuits, there’s a local vendor...

08th Jun

Houston Press Best Gelato in Houston – September 2009

Trentino Gelato Marcelo Kreindel’s greatest wish after moving to America from Argentina...

08th Sep
Houston Press

Houston’s Own Artisanal Gelato

By Katharine Shilcutt, January 2009 The dulce de leche gelato was masterful:...

28th Jan
Flavor Inspiration