Latte di capra gelato pops

Our award-winning goat milk gelato pops are made with three simple ingredients, stabilizer and gluten free, lactose friendly, no added hormones, artificial flavors or colors.

Benefits of Goat Milk

The goat milk makes our gelato especially light, lactose friendly and flavorful. We only use the simplest, purest ingredients to create each delicious flavors, with no stabilizers, no artificial colors or flavors.

Our pasteurized goat milk contains only trace amounts of the alpha S1 casein protein – the major culprit behind most cow milk allergies. Many people sensitive to cow milk are able to enjoy our Goat Milk Gelato Pops.

Goat milk does contain lactose, but many people who react poorly to lactose don’t have the same problem with goat milk. Because of its digestibility, you may find it’s the perfect alternative.

Our Goat Milk, is high in calcium. Your body is far better at absorbing calcium from milk than it is from supplements and it will find our goat milk gelato pops eminently digestive because of its tiny fat globules and softer curd structure. Our goat milk is also certified kosher, GMO free, and naturally gluten free.

(Remember if you have been clinically diagnosed with either true cow milk allergy or lactose intolerance be sure to consult your physician before eating our goat milk gelato.)

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